My Violin Journey

A little over a year ago I started taking violin lessons.

Picture of a brown violin sitting on a gray ottoman

Some of you may know that a little over a year ago I started taking violin lessons. I haven't shared it with a lot of people (nor have I kept it a secret), but I promised myself a long time ago that no matter how old I got, I would continue investing in myself and learning all that I can.

Learning to play the violin is a fulfillment of that promise, and has been something I've wanted to do since middle school. While I do wish I would have started earlier, I am glad that I am starting now when I have a much different perspective on life and learning. This past year of lessons, practice, and overall musical education culminated for me this past Friday when I purchased my very own violin.

I post this today as a reminder to myself to never be afraid to learn new things. I hope this serves as inspiration for others to seek out what you want to experience or learn, and go for it.

Special thanks to my excellent, patient, and talented violin teacher, Ruth Noemy Orellana-Wheeler; thank you for all of the lessons so far, and for the lessons to come! I very much appreciate your help in selecting a violin that I plan to play for many years.

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