Leaders in spatial data focused on digitizing and indexing the built world.

My role

Senior Product Designer

My methods

Human-centered design, content strategy, wireframes, prototypes, UX research, UX writing.

Matterport is the leading spatial data company focused on digitizing and indexing the built world. Leveraging an all-in-one 3D data platform engine, Matterport enables anyone to turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin which can be used to design, build, operate, promote, and understand any physical space.

I was hired in 2021 as a Senior Product Designer to improve their web and e-commerce experiences while also serving as an e-commerce subject matter expert. At Matterport, I worked with cross-functional teams to plan, design, and launch improved user experiences for their web and e-commerce sites. Primarily in a "player" role, I also coached and mentored junior designers.

Selected Work

E-commerce Navigation Project

In order to add additional revenue opportunities through Matterport's e-commerce experience, the company wanted to start selling accessories for specific products. To support this objective, I designed a new navigation pattern that elevated product categories.

Adding a new product category to the e-commerce experience meant re-evaluating how that product categories appeared to users. Historically, Matterport sold accessories as part of bundled hardware kits, so this shift in product merchandising required analysis of the types of accessories for sale, relationship of those accessories to other product categories, and the simplest path to both educate and inform the user.

I designed a few different iterations based on my understanding of the accessory products, and leaned on some user experience research findings to understand how best to position this to customers. Those findings also suggested that having clear visibility and understanding into the product being sold could make the difference between someone completing a purchase vs. closing the tab and moving on. In response, my designs focused on clear hierarchy, simple language use, and creating connective tissue between product categories.

The final designs resulted in creating an information architecture pattern that included the all product categories, and applying Matterport's design system tokens across typography, color, and spacing elements.


Tabbed navigation UI for product categories

Tabbed navigation UI for product categories

Drop-down UI for product relationships (camera by type)

Drop-down UI for product relationships
(camera by type)

Drop-down UI for product relationships (camera by type)

Drop-down UI for product relationships
(camera by type)

Final Designs

Completed navigation design - cameras

Completed navigation design - cameras

Completed navigation design - accessories

Completed navigation design - accessories

Other work for Matterport available by request


Waylon rocks! I had the pleasure to work with him for a year or so at Matterport. He’s one of the kindest and friendliest people I’ve ever worked with. He’s got an exceptional work ethic and thoughtful approach to solving design and experience problems. He’s a great communicator with great technical chops — making him a wonderful collaborator with cross-functional partners.

Dave Lippman, Chief Design Officer

Waylon Baumgardner has been an employee here at Matterport for the past year. He has been a pleasure to work with, bringing his attention to solving both system issues and customer problems for every project. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has some very innovative ideas. He is a valued team member and has great team spirit.

Whitney Kotlewski, Director of Product Design

I could see the impact Waylon had on the Design Team at Matterport almost instantly. His willingness to jump in, understand context, and execute can't be ignored regardless of the task at hand. Additionally, I always found his attitude and ability to remain calm during times of stress or ambiguity to be incredibly refreshing and motivating. But, most importantly, what sets Waylon apart is the wisdom and kindness he brings to work each day. He's a truly supportive coworker who makes both the work and his coworkers better day in and day out.

Elizabeth Harp, UX Writer

Waylon is an incredibly thoughtful designer. He always thinks of the customer first, and has a knack for recognizing potential issues with a design before anyone else notices. His UI design work is beautiful, intentional and logical. He always puts careful planning into everything he does, and welcomes feedback at every phase of his design process. He is always willing to jump into things that aren't necessarily his responsibility in order to help others who may be struggling with their workload. Before I started working at Matterport, he fully did my job for 2-3 months in the time between my predecessor leaving and me starting, even though it was not the job he was hired to do. Simply put, Waylon ALWAYS steps up. He is such a positive influence to everyone around him, as well as a voice of comfort and reason. I have no doubt that he would exceed expectations in everything he sets out to do!

Katie Reynolds, Senior Web Content Manager

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