Waylon Baumgardner

Southern California Public Radio

Responsibilities: Front-end development (HTML/CSS/Javascript)

Wireframe showing section breakdown for SCPR homepage (masthead, navigation, headline, body copy, advertising, footer) and screenshot of homepage design

Launched in January 2012, KPCC 89.3 Southern California Public Radio’s website redesign was designed to be more engaging to current listeners, attract new listeners, and help promote KPCC as a leading, unbiased news source for Southern California.

Working in a freelance capacity alongside SCPR’s UX team, I was tasked with developing front-end templates and patterns in support of the redesign, including the homepage.

My approach was to review the design materials provided and ensure what I was building was faithful to the design. This meant that my decision-making had to account for the appropriate color, spacing, and overall feel, especially when the decisions weren’t obvious.

Tools and Technologies Used: