Waylon Baumgardner

CBU Website Redesign

Responsibilities: Project management; User research, experience design, and testing; User-interface design; Front-end development

Screenshot of CBU website showing both mobile and desktop designs
As Senior Web Services Manager at California Baptist University (CBU), I led a project team of designers, developers, and marketers to redesign and implement a website that would make content easier to find for future students and improve page performance (particularly important for international recruitment).

The team started from scratch with an extensive discovery phase. In this phase, the team conducted multiple user interviews of CBU constituents in an effort to understand how CBU’s website was being used. The team also did a deep dive of other university websites as well as websites from other industries in order to identify user patterns and understand how other sites were working (or not working). Some of the work we did, in no particular order:

Based on the data and insights collected, the team adhered to a mobile-first, task-based methodology. Development of the site focused on agile software development methodology, particularly by organizing features into iterations.

Photo of notebook with UX wireframes

Before launch, we conducted a round of user tests to hone the design, and successfully launched the first iteration in September 2016. Since then, subsequent iterations have focused on improvements to typography, spacing, interface improvements, and redesigned academic program pages.